Nigeria Electricity and Gas Improvement Project for Sustainable Power.

As part of a deliberate effort to deal with the challenging power situation in Nigeria, the federal Government obtain a credit on behalf of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria Plc. from the international Development Association (IDA) under the World Bank towards the cost of the Nigeria Electricity Gas project (NEGIP). The power holding company of Nigeria accordingly applied part of the proceeds of the credit under the contract for technical assistance for community outreach and the consultation programme for the Nigeria Power Project.

Accordingly, Center for Development Support Initiatives was engaged by PHCN to handle the outreach and consultancy services.

The main targets of the outreach and consultancy services are the host communities who host the power and gas plants. The communities are therefore expected to be involved and integrated into the project circle. In this regard, the host communities are required to secure the gas pipeline from vandalisation and ensure unrestricted passage of heavy equipment from the rehabilitation of the power plant. This will ensure sustainability and community ownership of the project and process.

So far the outreach and consultancy services have covered Okoloma, Ayama, Afam, kom-kom, obunku, Oyigbo urban,obeama, mirinwanyi and uzuaka.